Англійська мова. 10 клас. 2011р. 9р. навчання

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1. Summing up Your Summer

2. School: Now for It!

UNIT 1: Family and Friends

1.1. Relationships in the Family: Psychology

1.2. Exploring Your Family: History

1.3. In a Teens’ World: Social Studies

1.4. Breaking the Ice: Communication Skills

1.5. Test Yourself

UNIT 2: Your Schooling

2.1. Life after Kindergarten: Human Development

2.2. A Social Gift: Foreign Languages

2.3. Your Learning Skills: Testing

2.4. Self-directed Learning: Communication Skills

2.5. Test Yourself

UNIT 3: Your Quality Time

3.1. Travelling is Worth Troubletaking: Geography

3.2. A Sportsperson or a Sports Fan: Health Studies

3.3. The “Thumb Generation” : Technology

3.4. The Sound of Music: Communication Skills

3.5. Test Yourself

UNIT 4: Britain as You Know It

4.1. Home Sweet Horae: Geography and Architecture

4.2. Meeting the Young Royals: Social Studies

4.3. Picturing Britain: Visual Arts

4.4. English Values: Communication Skills

4.5. Test Yourself

UNIT 5: You are from Ukraine, Right?

5.1. Lessons of the Past: History

5.2. From East to West: Geography

5.3. Thinking Politically: Social Studies

5.4. Expressing Pride: Communication Skills

5.5. Test Yourself

UNIT 6: The World Around You

6.1. Geography VS People’s Lives: Geography and Social Studies

6.2. Man and Nature: Biology and Social Studies

6.3. Your Picture of the Universe: Physics and Philosophy

6.4. Expressing Tolerance: Communication Skills

6.5. Test Yourself