Англійська мова. 7 клас. 2015р. Поглиблене вивчення

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Summer Travel

In Grade 7

Unit 1. Family and Friends

1.1. Family album

1.2. Family footsteps

1.3. People around me

1.4. In comfort with yourself

1.5. My progress in English

Unit 2. Balance Your School Life

2.1. Making the most of your school day

2.2. Active after school

2.3. Who is absent today?

2.4. How to manage your English language learning

2.5. My progress in English

Unit 3. Food and Cooking

3.1. Soup and salad every day

3.2. Bon appetite

3.3. From the cookery book

3.4. Let's have a bite

3.5. My progress in English

Unit 4. Every Country Has its Customs

4.1. When in England

4.2. My heart's in the Highlands

4.3. Welcome to Wales

4.4. The emerald Isle

4.5. My progress in English

Unit 5. Question of Sport

5.1. Sports popular in Ukraine

5.2. Made in Great Britan

5.3. American pastime

5.4. Sport star

5.5. My progress in English

Unit 6. On Screen and Stage

6.1. Are you a cinema-goer?

6.2. Are you a theatre admirer?

6.3. Meet cinema and theatre celebrities

6.4. Let's see it!

6.5. Your progress in English

Unit 7. A City to Explore

7.1. As legend goes

7.2. The heart of Kyiv

7.3. The city and people

7.4. In blossom and bloom

7.5. My progress in English