Англійська мова. 8 клас. 2016р. 8р. навчання

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Lessons 1–2. Welcome Back!

Unit 1. Mass Media: the Press

Lessons 1–2. The Age of Information

Lesson 3. We Are in Fleet Street

Lessons 4–5. How Do You Get to Know the News?

Lessons 6–7. What We Read

Lessons 8–9. Navigating the Newspaper

Lesson 10. Reading a Newspaper

Lesson 11. Writing News Stories

Lesson 13. Grammar Revision

Unit 2. School life

Lessons 1–2. My Studies at School

Lessons 3–4. Going to School in Ukraine

Lesson 5. Primary and Secondary Education in Ukraine

Lesson 6. School Subjects

Lessons 7–8. Schools in Great Britain

Lesson 9. After School

Lessons 10–11. School in the News

Lesson 13. Grammar Revision

Unit 3. Books and writers

Lessons 1–2. Stories, Stories, and Stories…